28 January 2009

this just in from Nash Damji, Superstar Trophies, Surrey

"They look better than some of the new ones!!! Job well done. It sure is nice to see them being recycled rather than throwing them away…Maybe, that is why I was hanging on to them!!! Also, I am sure the recipients will adore them."


wondering about artist residencies in elementary schools

I wonder what would evolve if an artist were to be resident in an elementary school for an entire year. If they were required to attend staff meetings and participate in the administrative ecology of the school. If they were asked to spend a decent amount of time observing and getting to know the school - a month, say - and then they worked with the teachers and the students to evolve programs, or supplement and fortify things happening in the school. What if they were required to live in the neighborhood? What if they were always trying to get invited over for dinner? Would a figure who shuttles between the public officialdom of the school and the private world of the family be valuable, useful, fun, interesting, worth the effort? Anyone know of people who have done that?

trophy making

50 trophies donated by superstar Nash Damji from Superstar Trophies, THANKS NASH!!!
2 bags of bulk baking chocolate
8 packages of paraffin canning wax
Lots of craft supplies

(how annoying, blogger posts the first pics you post last, so imagine viewing these photos from the bottom up. the pic of the table covered with them should be the last, mind-blowing thing you see.)