18 August 2016

EIF 2016 - Belioz's Romeo et Juliette

Tonight's show - Berlioz's Romeo et Juliette! Before heading off to Usher Hall, we had time for a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity, which is becoming the default icebreaker/warm-up game before we head off to the night's show.

We made so much noise that Sally Hobson, head of Creative Learning sitting nearby, dropped in to also play a few rounds. See her shocked face below. But Sally did also award me a black card for my answer "Miley Cyrus at age 55" (I've forgotten what the actual question was, sorry), so I'm all for her joining in more often.

And one last thing - tragedy upon tragedies. One of our jury members, Harry, either dropped or fumbled open the end of our megaphone. After a titanic struggle we fixed it back on, only to discover the batteries are dead. And in a freak fumble, one of us took out the battery pack, only to drop it on the ground. Much lamenting and gnashing of teeth, etc. but what's done is done. This was the megaphone we had used to announce the presence of the jury before entering the venues, so future shows will be much more quiet, I'm afraid.

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