26 September 2012

Experimental Sound with Tarek Atoui

We returned to the Maschinenhaus in Essen for another improvisation/sound art concert, this time with Tarek Atoui

Waiting to go in, we found out that Christopher is actually a monkey, Davud might like to move to Canada, and that waiting for concerts outside gets really cold unless you run all around and take at least a hundred pictures.

DSC 1536

DSC 1539

DSC 1542

DSC 1550

DSC 1562

DSC 1570

DSC 1575

this time he's up a tree?! 

DSC 1577

DSC 1580

DSC 1587

DSC 1592


DSC 1594

DSC 1600

playing Jana's mini-harmonica

DSC 1614

DSC 1617

group photo!!

DSC 1622

After Tarek performed, there was a Q and A with the whole audience. The kids were invited to stand at the front and ask a barrage of questions, ranging from 'how does it work' to 'is it hard to play?'

DSC 1628

DSC 1631

DSC 1633

The best question came from an audience member, who asked... "can the kids play it?" Thanks to Tarek for being a super sport and giving the jury both some lessons and a chance to try out his amazing sound machine... 

first, Nick

DSC 1638


DSC 1643

DSC 1645


DSC 1648

DSC 1649


DSC 1654

DSC 1655

DSC 1657

and Davud

DSC 1662