01 October 2011

Monsters vs. Beasties

Are Mammalian worlds colliding once again? Darren will have to fill me in on the project since I don't know too much about Monster Makers.

Saturday morning, and as usual, the jury arrives early. It's a good thing that these kids are so good at killing time as we wait for Lone Twin's Beastie to begin.

Terve, Niko.

The jury helps piece Beastie together.

They then come up with his backstory. Our Beastie, Otsu, was hatched from an egg on Jupiter, where he and only one other Beastie live. At the tender age of 700, Otsu is still a young boy. Thinking Otsu's egg was a football, his friend accidentally kicked him down to earth, where he landed in Kuopio, just outside of Kulttuuriareena 44.

Otsu wakes up.

The kids take Otsu for a walk.

Most of the jury enjoyed the piece, but not everyone was into it. Perhaps Soe Tun's artistic palette has been refining over the last week, making him too sophisticated for this kid's stuff.

Petrina's working on tallying votes while I blog. We leave soon for the 100 Year Old Rock N'Roll Band, the last stop for CCA Kuopio. We've got all three juries tonight. Wish us luck!