21 May 2011

Sven Augustijnen


On Tuesday, Jury group #4 saw Dominique Roodthooft's SMATCH2 at Les Tanneurs theatre. This show had a lot of good things going for it: footage of donkeys, a guy wearing a hand-knit donkey mask, real live earthworms, diorama that included volcanoes and tsunami in action, videos (including the Double Rainbow Youtube sensation), headstands, a fiddler/violinist, scientific funfacts...somehow all put together it didn't wow me. But I still enjoyed it. We have our first sleeper, Wassim!

Wim's glasses

Apparently the mashed potatoes were gross, but Fanta cures all

Me, according to the Jury

Darren, according to the Jury


I finally won a round! 1 point Eva. 10 points Jury.


The Indian Queen

On Monday Jury group #5 saw Jan Decorte/B'Rock's 'The Indian Queen,' an opera that also had some dancing. I really enjoyed the music; the orchestra? Band? Do you say orchestra if they're on stage with the performers? Either way, I enjoyed the music, which was a good thing because the story was lost on me. Special props to the pregnant woman playing the recorder. The Jury got the chance to meet Jan Decorte and his wife after the show, but I missed it because I had to go do an interview about the project for a French radio station (which was really hard, by the way).

A journalist came with us to the show, and interviewed the Jury before and afterwards.