12 May 2011

a message from the Artistic Director


Bolshoi Symphony Orchestra in Great Yarmouth


After a forty-five minute bus ride to Great Yarmouth of candy chomping and Kiss radio, we reached the red carpet.

Tonight was a moving night at the symphony, however different than usual, it was set inside a hippodrome giving the experience and unusual contrast. We heard Rimsky-Korsakov The Tale of Tsar Saltan (suite from Opera, Op. 57), Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No.1, Tchaikovsky Act 2 from The Nutcracker, and 3 encore pieces which I couldn't place.

There was a butting of heads between four audience members and our children. The kids questioned, quietly amongst themselves, about the music and the conductor's role during the start of the show. Then the adult/elderly audience members hushed and scolded the children about when it was appropriate to speak and make noise, also blamed the kids for ruining their evening.

The adults changed seats for the second act. The kids ate their popcorn from paper bags and watched the rest of the show in peace, then gave the orchestra a standing ovation. Despite what happened, the music spoke for itself and all was enjoyed in the end.

Ceremony Roles


Chay played Youtube DJ while we dressed the trophies.