01 May 2012

And the winners aaaaarrrrrrrrrreeeee... (English version)

Best Wave - Ringside, Mem Morrison

Craziest Makeup - Money - It Came From Outer Space, Chris Kondek & Christiane Kühl

Best Musician - Avanti Infantilitanti, Marc Becker

Best Ungiven Kiss - Footwashing for the Sole, Adrian Howells

Show With the Most Text - Call Me When You Get There, Metro Boulot Dodo

Best Dancer - LEO, Circle of Eleven

Best Mr. Bean Look-Alike - LEO, Circle of Eleven

Best Stalker - Passepartout, Uni Erlangen

Best Kurdish Group - Poshti

Best Outfit - Dress Me Up in Your Love, Theatre Replacement

Quietest Room - Quiet Volume, Ant Hampton

The Show that Brought Me to Tears - Ettiquette, Ant Hampton

The Show Whose Name Most Sounds Like a Horror Movie (Godzilla), Priscilla Robinson (My Place, Your Home)

The Show That Made Us the Worst Team - A Machine to See With, Blast Theory

The Best Meal I've Never Had Before - Blind Lunch, Katia Guliani

Cutest Guy at the PAZZ-Festivals - Konstantin Bock

Coolest Voice - 2401 Objects, Analogue

The Show that Made Me Laugh The Most - Untried Untested, Kate McIntosh

Yummiest Pancakes - Ten Journeys to a Place where Nothing Happens, Juha & Taito

Best Fingerdance - Money - It Came From Outer Space, Chris Kondek & Christiane Kühl

Best Glasses - Schrift von Innen, Uni Oldenburg

Best Artist Talk - Denis Larisch

Nakedest Man - This is My Father, Ilay den Boer

Show With the Most Questions and Answers - Caravan of Love, Fräulein Wunder AG

Saddest Story - Coffee&Prejudice, mercimax

Most Beautiful Laugh in the Audience - Lachen, Antonia Baehr

Nicest Man at the PAZZ-Festival - Till Rölle

Best of the Best - Ringside, Mem Morrison