23 September 2011

Meeting the Jury

Today Petrina and I met the jury with Saara and Sampsa, our awesome assistants for CCA. The jury is in grade four, and they only started learning English in school last year, so Saara and Sampsa have been very helpful with their translation skills. The Anti Festival is a short one, so we've got a lot to cram into a short amount of time. We spent the entire day with the kids, talking about MDR and social practice, what kids can and cannot do (we decided it's fair that kids can't drive and aren't allowed to decide their own bedtime), and we started on the trophy and magnet designs. It's been hard to track down trophies in Kuopio, so we're starting with plastic wine goblets. The kids have been getting creative with their chocolate covering design.

The sign says "Do not eat" in Finnish and Burmese.

Petrina helps Viivi cover her trophy.