24 August 2012

links & 12 Rooms

On Friday, Jury 6 went to check out links, a workshop presentation at the Museum Folkwang in Essen. About 20 kids worked with French choreographer Boris Charmatz (also in town for the presentation of his performance, Enfant) over the past week to make the presentation. We didn't have a red carpet entrance because the museum had too many other premieres going on... and we did get yelled at the security guard to get out of our VIP parking space... but there were lots of VIP shoes happening.

The Gelsenkirchen girls from Jury 6

Brian leading an Adele sing-a-long with the Duisberg kids

more indoor singing?


back to back... Pascale apparently grew over the summer

big pockets in Jury 6 are also cool

Q & A with 2 girls from the Links workshop

some feet went to sleep during the workshop, marks are still visible 1/2 an hour later

The jury checked out the exhibition 12 Rooms while we were at the museum, just for fun. These 3D glasses came from the now-famous trade room...

The favourite shot with the kinder jury... a camera foto.

Darren and the jury 6 Duisberg kids

Chaos in the van-ride back to Bochum...

12 Rooms, Museum Folkwang, Jury 4

Die Ankunft am Folkwang Museum

WDR Essen begleitet uns durch die 12 bzw. 10 Räume

Ferhard über den Tauschraum

Evaluieren, Gespräch mit den Künstlern und Spaß im Garten des Museums

Hamsa hat im Tauschraum eine Tüte für den "Hund" ersteigert