31 January 2009

Sukhleen on Siren

sorry I spelled Sukhleen's name wrong. Will change it when i have a moment. thanks for the heads up, Valarie.

haha, jk: Valerie.


dang!! I got Jonebel's name wrong too. and when I say "dang!" I mean "DANG!"

Stupid Commentators Exhaust Me

someone posted this comment on an earlier entry:

"kids exhaust me...they did seem impressed you had an iPhone...young consumers of tomorrow."

The comment bugs me for a few obvious reasons.

All kids are not the same, some are exhausting, and some are not. Just like real people. Oh, wait a second, they are real people. And from there the commentator moves on to another dismissive and reductive comment. Duh, they're the young consumers of tomorrow, just like you are an old consumer of today. Get over it. You want to critique consumerism, knock yourself out, but don't associate it with these guys, as if they have any hand in the barrage of advertising they're constantly subjected to. And, finally, it's annoying that the person talks as if the kids in the jury have nothing to do with the blog, are not reading it and not posting on it. It's like speaking about someone in the 3rd person, while they're sitting in the room with you: it's rude.