19 October 2008

Goran Bregovich

Hi guys,

Last night i saw Goran Bregovich. It was so amazing. From slow songs to fast ones, every song different.

THe band was great with violins, cellos, drums, french tubas, trumpets, guitars, horns, bagpipes and heaps more.

There was a choir of men from serbia, who sang beautiful melodies and songs.

There were two women, apparently from Bulgaria, who sang songs.

Goran was funny and his music made everyone get up and dance. Literally!!

There were people up the front dancing and laughing and all the jury got up and danced too.

It was the night of nights!!

It's probably the best show. Better than Two Faced Bastard!!

Great show. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. The atmosphere is amazing and is one of the best atmospheres i've felt in my life.

Amazing show.



I was walking along Flinders and a guy crossed the street and as he passed me he punched me in the jaw and ran away. He then punched another guy and some other guys tried to grab him but he ran into traffic. my jaw is sore.

in the artist's lounge

helloooooooooooooooo every one
ITS TIBBY!!!!!(calistta...)
i have been meaning to write this thing for A LLLOOONNNGGG TIME
my first performance i saw was "desert island dances"
it was AWSOME!!!
i loooved it soooooooo much i wanted to see it again and again and again...
then i saw "batsheva max" I HATED IT
i mean they are great dancers but i nearly fell asleep because i was soooooo bord!
then yester day i saw 2 things
i went to 21:100:100
(it was AWSOME too!!!(no.70 was my fav))
and something els, but i forgot what it was called
all it had were pictures of what patti smith owned
it was soooooo HORIBLE and BORING
so i lied downon the floor(becaues it was VERY hot and the floor was cold...)
and noticed that there were holes in the roof
soo i decided to figure out how many holes there were(1767 holes)
yours sincerly THE WET FART

Hi Peepz!! (so bored)

Tonight i'm going to see Goran Bregovich!! It looks alright!

I think Sean, Moses, Kira and someone elses name who i can't remember rite now!!

How terrible does that sound?

I go to ur school and i can't even remember ur names!!

I can but someone told me that they're going but i can't remember who it is!!

  1. a few nghts ago i went to see an oak tree it was superb
  2. it was extradinarily funny
  3. it was about a hypnotist who got an famous actress who had never read the script
  4. and improvising in some spots but mainly reading the script
  5. anyway tim crouch (the main actor) hipnotysed her into thinking that she had
  6. run over a little girl (and a few other things but youle have to go and see it to find out) but then at the end of the show she realy believed it
  7. and tim crouch was trying to convince her that she hadn't
  8. by hugo burke
  9. ps. it might be a little bit confusing and a bit innapropiate for young viewers!!
  10. laters hugo
hi every body last night i went to see le Automobil griss
let me tell you something it was HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it was terrible it went for 2 hours with no intervel
they were speaking spanish so you couldnt under stand it (plus it was all in black and white)

the start was this lady walking down a road and then she was was kidnaped then she was locked
in a room then it just went on and on about robers or something like that it was sssssssssoooooooo bbbbbbbbbboooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
an the hole time i had a super tight sweaty wedgie and it was realy humid and the man behind me was snoring and i couldnt stand up to unbutton my jackit and then i started clicking my pen and this old man toled me to stop!!!!!!!!!! and the first 2o mins i was trying to enjoy it then after that it repeating it self it was realy frustrating by hugo burke

ps. if you couldnt tell i definately do not recomend!!!!!!!! seeya