06 June 2010

The Children's Choice Awards at the Magnetic North Theatre Festival with the Jury from Suddaby Public School, Kitchener Ontario

Welcome to the Children’s Choice Awards at the Magnetic North Theatre Festival, with 22 nine and ten year-old Jury Members from Suddaby Public School.

As the official judges of the Magnetic North Theatre Festival, the Children’s Choice Awards Jury attended a performance almost every single day of the festival. Like any awards ceremony the judges responded to criteria that they created from their vast expertise. Our CCA Jury took rigorous notes during and after each performance, and collectively determined the 40 award categories and winners. At the awards ceremony each Jury Member presented an award described in their own words.

The Children’s Choice Awards presents youth in positions of power, where their opinions and voices matter proving that they can be articulate and critical. It is also a decisive intervention into the festival and its structure. As the jury attends each show, they are themselves a mini performance as announcements and audience members welcome them. We ask a lot of our fellow artists, as they share their limelight with the jury, and at times deal with a bit more rustling than usual, and for this, we offer our sincere thanks.