31 October 2017

KE 2017 - RAM CAMP

The Jury got a special chance to try the RAM CAMP equipment before they saw the presentation the following day. Each of them got to try it and see what it was like to have a digital-self. Then, the presentation by Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM] presented RAM CAMP in Kyoto 2017 Work in Progress Presentation. 

The day started with some candy silliness that Tsukine started by giving colorful candy to Jana.

30 October 2017

KE 2017 - Takuya Murakawa: Independent Living

The second typhooooooon made our day a bit dark and wet but we had a good time watching Independent Living!!

First of all, braiding Jana's hair on the minibus...

29 October 2017

KE 2017 - Heiner Goebbels & Ensemble Modern: Black on White

We had another double show day. First, we saw Heiner Goebbel's show Black on White.
It was great seeing Heiner after doing CCA at his Ruhrtriennale for three years (2012-2014). He was very welcoming to the VIP and told us that he is curious to hear what new award he will get this time! If you want to know what kind of awards he got from the Children's Choice Awards before, check out his website. He mentions all his awards there! 🏆

27 October 2017

KE 2017 - Ryoji Ikeda& Eklekto

Today we went to the Ryoji Ikeda & Eklekto performance music for percussion. It was an exciting day of munching snacks, looking backstage, high-fiving artists, and rhythmic noise making.

Catch a peak of who's in the window...

25 October 2017

KE 2017 - Two Artist Talks (Minhee Park & Xiaoxing Sun)

We had a double date today! We talked to Minhee Park and Xiaoxing Sun about their shows. 
Finally we got some answers about those stuffed animals and Minhee's show that made the kids feel majestic. 

Sani and Riko gave us a little performance before the QnA

23 October 2017

KE 2017 - No longer GAGOK: room 5

This time everything was a bit different and special. At No longer GAGOK: room 5 by Minhee Park only one person was allowed to enter the performance at a time. So we took only 4 judges and each of them had to experience the performance by themselves. 

 Sani and Shoko on the minibus. Sani as cool as always.

22 October 2017

KE 2017 - Unverinnerlicht

Yesterday we took the jury to Unverinnerlicht by Naoka Tanaka.

Walking the red carpet. The jury is still a bit shy but we'll get there.

Lots of broken chairs on the stage.

21 October 2017

KE 2017 - Here Is the Message You Asked For...Don‘t Tell Anyone Else ;-)

Today's show was Here Is the Message You Asked For...Don't Tell Anyone Else ;-)
by Xiaoxing Sun. We were very surprised by the ending of the show and a bit overwhelmed. The jury had a hard time focusing on anything else afterwards. Was that the intention of the show?

On our way to the show we found this giant umbrella 
in front of the Kyoto Art Theater Shunjuza

KE 2017 - Researchlight Tour #2

Round 2 of the Jury viewing researchlight's SOMETHING HERE. It was a packed couple of hours with lots of singing on the minibus.

KE2017 - Researchlight Tour #1

Today the Jury travelled around Kyoto to view the Kyoto Experiment installations by researchlight, SOMETHING HERE. Two of the artists on the project joined us and explained each installation to them along the way.

18 October 2017

KE 2017 - Performance 1 - Teppei Kanuji - tower (THEATRE)

The first performance the Jury saw together was Teppei Kanuji's tower (THEATRE). They didn't know what to expect. We rolled up in VIP treatment and the Jury walked the red carpet for the first time! The performance was a very interesting fusion of sculpture, performance, music, and script. They had lots to say when the performance was over and got to interview the artist, himself.

17 October 2017


The Festival began with a lot of excitement! I don't know which jury member wins the award for most excited. It's a tough competition. The Jury was invited to the Opening Ceremony and they certainly got noticed. They even received an official certificate recognizing them as jury members. The jury got to rub shoulders with the artists and eat lots of fancy food. Phew, what a night!

16 October 2017

KE 2017 - Final Workshop - Creating the trophies!

These kids don't have any problems with creativity. The goal was to create trophies for the winners of the awards and also make some decorations for the minibus we will be arriving to the shows in. Everyone will know we are VIP when we show up before the events in a bus covered in colour and glitter!

15 October 2017

KE 2017 - Workshop #3 - Choosing the Awards!

We had the 3rd workshop with the Kinrin Elementary School kids: deciding the award categories.  

13 October 2017

KE 2017 - Workshop #2! What Kids Can't Do

Today we ask the Kinrin Elementary School kids what they are allowed to do (and not allowed to do!).

09 October 2017

We are here! We are in Kyoto, Japan and extremely excited to meet the official VIP jury of the festival KYOTO EXPERIMENT 2017. We are going to meet the 40 judges on Wednesday at the Kinrin Elementary school, so get the red carpet ready and stay tuned!