21 October 2017

KE 2017 - Here Is the Message You Asked For...Don‘t Tell Anyone Else ;-)

Today's show was Here Is the Message You Asked For...Don't Tell Anyone Else ;-)
by Xiaoxing Sun. We were very surprised by the ending of the show and a bit overwhelmed. The jury had a hard time focusing on anything else afterwards. Was that the intention of the show?

On our way to the show we found this giant umbrella 
in front of the Kyoto Art Theater Shunjuza


Some Snaps on Snapchat before the show starts...

Paparazzi!!!! Look how the Jury got to strut on the red carpet - VIP only!!

Crazy stage design 😱
The audience members were all invited to a group chat on the app LINE. We shared photos from different perspectives and commented on the show. Even the performers did!

The shaaaark
At the end of the show the performers started to throw stuffed animals into the audience...

The kids loved that part and grabbed as many as they could possibly carry....

We got soooooooooo many!!!

Trying to evaluate between all these stuffed animals. What was the point of giving them to us?
Were they just trying to be nice? Maybe we will find out at our artist talk on Monday...
stay tuned!