04 May 2011

Pocket Gallery & Chocolate Trophy Day

We figured that we talked at the kids enough yesterday, so today we focused on crafts. With the pocket gallery, everyone was asked to create a piece of 3D art that could fit inside someone's pocket. The artist then had to find a curator who would pocket their work and agree to try to sell it. Before a sale was made, each artist and curator would negotiate their respective percentage cut. We told them that sales didn't have to be made today, but everyone was really keen to see how much they could get for their work. Donna scored a bracelet and Hazel is the proud owner of a box of noodles.

In some versions of the CCA, the jury is given trophies that have already been coated in chocolate to decorate. Because of our smaller group, Hazel and I were super happy that we could arrange it so that the kids coated their own trophies. They had lots of fun doing it, and it was great to get them involved from step one of the trophy making process.

While we were busy getting our fingers sticky with waxy chocolate and/or glue that stunk like fish, Norfolk & Norwich Festival's film crew was around, getting shots for their film about the CCA process.

Today's best quote: "I came to school with nothing and I'm leaving with 30p!"