28 September 2012

When the Mountain Changed Its Clothing

This week we went to the premiere of Heiner Goebbels' new musical theatre piece, When the Mountain Changed Its Clothing, starring the Carmina Slovenica choir. Darren returned, and immediately created havoc with the jury...

DSC 1804

DSC 1806

the Bochum van 

DSC 1809

red carpet

DSC 1811

DSC 1812

DSC 1813

DSC 1815

Sara's awesome leg warmers

DSC 1817

DSC 1818

post-show talk with 3 girls from the choir 

DSC 1820

DSC 1824

fancy drinks!

DSC 1828


DSC 1830


DSC 1833

DSC 1836

Maurice scared of Darren's next move... though you can't tell, Sara is even more terrified

DSC 1840