05 February 2010

Jury criteria: what we're looking for !

OK artists, performers, directors, producers, and everyone behind the scenes who makes a show a show: THIS IS IT!

These are the unofficial (and constantly changing) criteria established by our judges from Roseworth Primary School, the Official Jury of the Perth International Arts Festival 2010, and what they're looking for to evaluate your performance.

Be prepared to dazzle, amaze and mystify the Jury. Bribes ARE welcome!

Singer with the best pitch
Most beautiful dancer
Person who tried the hardest
Best shoes
Best guitar hero
Most awkwardest voice
Most catchiest tune
Most lovable (I loved it the most!)
Craziest instrument
Most funniest dancing
Most coolest moves
Best magician
Most romantic
Most experienced
Most boring
The person who talked the most in one act
Most intelligent so I had to concentrate
Most organized
Most mysterious
Most adult
Best kiddish
Best role model
Most weird
Most environmental
Most minimal show
Biggest ensemble
Best choreographer
Most dramatic
Looks like the most expensive
Most magical
Prettiest girl
Most handsomest boy
Most shiny dress
Most similar voice to a pop star, ________
The most functions on an instrument (like a space ship)
Best producer
Most funniest act
Most acrobatic show
Craziest costume
Craziest hairstyle
Best musician
Most dirty language
Wildest show
Most emotional
Best make-up
Most flexible person
Most original
Most realistic
Most talented
Most fit person
Most surprising act
Person who forgot their lines
Least violent show
Most instruments
Most disguises
Best show ever
Loudest show