10 September 2012

Soapera - the second visit

On Friday we saw Soapéra again with a different group of kids. After Thursday's schaumparty, we were pretty excited to see the show once more--and Friday managed to be just as awesome. There are a lot of photos in this post, but to put it in perspective, these are a selection from 182 from the night. Needless to say... it was a good time.

Julia and Dimitri in the car from Bochum

Niko knows how to do VIP right

the speed high-five game (as it's now known)

Jana with the Gelsenkirchen group 

we had lots of time before the show started, so we had an impromptu parking-lot dance party... (stay tuned for videos)

Hamsa and Greta got a groove on 

the dance-party photographers

jumping jacks 

the jury making their VIP entrance

those Duisberg kids know how to walk the carpet

wave to the plebs 

shades party 


Damian walked on the stage after the show... and slipped on the wet foamy floor

we talked to the four dancers in the show after. my favourite question: "do you feel like stars?" when they answered no, the kids replied "well you should!" 

the venue had to close, but the jury still managed to write those evaluation forms... stay tuned for this show's awards because they are sure to be original...

A lesson in putting magnets on a van