23 October 2017

KE 2017 - No longer GAGOK: room 5

This time everything was a bit different and special. At No longer GAGOK: room 5 by Minhee Park only one person was allowed to enter the performance at a time. So we took only 4 judges and each of them had to experience the performance by themselves. 

 Sani and Shoko on the minibus. Sani as cool as always.

 The siblings Iko and Sani waiting for their time to go in.

What a rainy day...typhoon LAN is coming closer.

Why not doing funny faces when you have to wait?

Evaluation time. Kai said, he felt majestic after the show. The jury also came up with a unique award category for this show. If you want to know it, come to our Award Ceremony on November 5th!!

And a bit more of Sani aka Sunny on this rainy day.