10 November 2008

Good luck with this one!

O.K. Darren as you suggested I will write you a script but even if you don't want to you have to say it and put the video on the blog. O.k. here goes:
P.S. Before you do this video you might need to learn the chorus of a song. (Just dance by Lady GaGa, look it up)
Start here-
"Don't you think Hannah is great? I do and so do a lot of people, Hannah has a lot of friends and some of them are Holly, Addi, Samantha, Simona, Annie, BJ, Jeremy, Patrick and a lot of others. I'd like to give a big Hi to all of them. Now before I go I would like to perform a song (starts singing the chorus to just dance. after finishing gives a wave and says goodnight)

Good luck Darren I hope you come as high as my expectations