09 November 2008

some thoughts on young boredom

you guys keep posting that you're bored!!!

I remember that particular kind of boredom, it was really awful. Don't worry it goes away when you're older. But, when you're older, the problem is that you become so busy that doing nothing and being bored becomes such a luxury.

personally, I think young boredom happens because young people are not allowed to go out and explore the world without parental supervision. On those boring days, wouldn't it be nice if you could grab a friend and take the train and head into Melbourne and walk up and down Swanston?

anyway, don't worry, time flies and soon you're be so busy that you'll long for these days of boredom. But that doesn't help you right now.

if you're bored, write a script starring me, a short monologue and i'll perform it and put the video on the blog.