27 January 2009

a post from Donna

here's a post from Donna's blog, which you can find here

i'm not sure what she's done. it seems like it's a separate blog, but it's part of this blog, though it doesn't appear on the mainpage. hm. anyway, here's her post:

Monday, January 26, 2009
hey everyone!
this is donna.kabonna.anteena!
well, on Saturday Darren, Donna, Daniela, Jeetpal, JC, Sukleen, stephanie, Alexa, Ron, and I went to a show called Skydive.
It kinda made me bored during the show, and i almost almost fell asleep! good thing i didnt!
the show was held at Arts Club Granville Island Stage.
all of us were sitting in row M 16.
the show was about 2 brothers skydiving....and one of them tries to face his fears. The one who tries to facs his fears always has dreams. The other brother named Morgan (in the show) is the oldest and he helps his brother overcome his fears...
After the show all of us voted and rated the show. it was between 5-0
i mostly rated between 3-0.....since i didnt really like it........

cyz, byez
donna.kabonna.anteena :P