15 February 2010

Amadou and Mariam- OFFICIAL Jury Comments

Ben: “Awesome. Cool. Loud and colourful lights. I like the music because it has lots of instruments. They speak French.”

Christal: “Amadou and Mariam are blind musicians who are talented people. They are from Mali which is located in Africa. They are a married couple who have different kinds of instruments like blues guitar, salsa drums, Egyptian flutes and Cuban trumpets. The Children’s Choice Awards Jury has their own V.I.P. lounge. Amadou and Mariam are really good at their music and they have different types of music from other places in Africa. I love the lights, there are different colours, but the blue doesn’t change. They’re really connecting with the audience and they’re really polite. Every time they finish a song they ask us if we’re feeling o.k. or not. I will definitely give 2 thumbs up! It’s so awesome that they can play instruments blind.

Braden: “The instruments were a bit loud and the lights were bright but it made it look good. I also liked it because they could play instruments and sing really good and some of the music was kindof funky. I liked the guitars and drums because they kept in time with the music. All the lights were colourful which made the stage look colourful.”

Jennice: “If it gets any louder my ear drums will pop, but it shows how good the speakers are. The costumes are stunning. Lighting is cool, smoke in the background. Cool guitar action. More cool lighting, will the coolness ever stop? The down-side is that it’s so loud I can’t hear my friends talking. Wicked drum solo. Who knew that a blind person could do a guitar solo without even looking, WOW! This is the best live show I have ever been to.”

Darious: “It was quite cool learning about Amadou and Mariam and how they came together, and how they became blind. Amadou’s music on the guitar was quite cool and Mariam’s singing was funny. The instruments were so loud and you could hear all of the instruments on stage. There colours and the smoke mixing together was interesting, then suddenly the lights appeared from nowhere on the stage and it was so awesome. I liked the second song because it got people up and dancing in front of the stage.”