09 February 2010

Cecile Williams: Contained


Cecile Williams (Australia)

Monday 8 February 2010

After spending weeks collecting the plastic rubbish that washed up on the shores of Christmas Island, visual artist Williams created miniature dioramas that collectively tell a narrative of the histories of the Chinese and Malay peoples on the Island. Scenes, people, and backdrops are elaborately carved into lost flip-flops, WWII air raids created by a fleet of tiny plastic soldiers and fighter planes, and the plight of the detained immigrant workers in the mines are pieced together with bits of detritus. The volume of which, according to the Jury, blatantly calls for action.

Some Jury Members were bored, others captivated by the stories and documentary, and some more interested in cataloguing the refuse. At last count, the exhibition had over 20 different dinosaurs.