06 February 2010

Welcome to Country and La Fura Dels Baus- OFFICIAL Jury Comments

A.J.: "Lots of light…this all cost half a million $$. Didgeridoo player, dancers walking into the crowd, hand prints. Aboriginals greet us in Aboriginal language. Really big crane.”

Christal: "Really nice start, and really spooky. Starts with traditional singing and dancing, really traditional and dangerous. He needs to be experienced to do this, does a lot of high stunts, really had a good ending (fireworks) had people spinning in white then hanging around. Had a lot of dancing and singing, a lot of chaos and a lot of acts involved moving around. It was loud too. And a lot of people were shown in this wonderful show.”

Lianah: “Lots of people, weird music sounded like elephants. Bright lights, scary music, scary fire, scary acting, scary costume, loud voice, getting boring, awesome acrobats, boring music, sounds like traffic + jungle. Didgeridoo, scary, cool dancing, crazy costume, freaky talking, brave speech, 1 minute silence, awesome fire (on trees) lots of people.”

Courtney: “It was noisy and it was very amazing. It was cool on the wheels and also on the hanging ropes.”

Areej: “Didgeridoo playing awesome. Welcome to country! Very good. The screen is showing how they play it while we hear the didgeridoo. Excellent! A minute of silence for all who have been before us! Burning tree! This is for their tradition, WOW! Director speak. Man speak, welcome. Two crazy women were waving their hands. So cool. Fire going on, loud music, it rotates. Awesome. Fantastic.”

Edmond: “I liked the fire, the didgeridoo player was good.”