17 June 2010

The Greatest Cities in the World

From the Program: For the last few years, we have been delving deeper into the words of interviewed individuals to create our work. We do this for a number of reasons: our interest in the immediate, our fascination with unique experiences that could never be imagined, and our desire to avoid the loneliness of sitting in front of a computer trying to create "true" voices. We also do it to make things more difficult for ourselves. In our experience we find it very easy to become quickly reliant on the plot-driven elements we swing towards- relationship, stakes and conflict. Utilizing it forces us and our collaborators to decode the material and present a structure that relies on interest and rhythm shifts rather than plot twists, as we search for some king of accumulation. This process results in fractured narrative arcs and meandering character transformations, but allows the piece to emerge as a spacious collection of anecdotes, observations and conversations that flirt with traditional storytelling rather than rely on it. For this exploration we headed to the Deep South. our encounter with these small towns in Tennessee held many things, but they all proved to be entirely unpredictable-as unpredictable as any encounter with complete strangers can be. With The Greatest Cities in the World, we attempt to create an evening that honours the complexity of both the people whose words we draw upon, and the audiences we hope to entertain and inspire.

Official CCA Jury Most Memorable Moments:

Chloe: "When they took out the big sword. I like when they did the funny dancing."

Mike: "The knight pulled a gigantic sword for fighting."

Max: "The little truck, the big sword and the houses."