01 May 2011

Check, check, one two one two

Oye from Norwich/Norfolk UK!

Hazel here, just about ready to kick start CCA, waiting for Donna to arrive, and looking forward to meeting our whacked out Jury.

The NN Festival staff's been amazing, they hooked me up with a rail pass to go anywhere any time until I leave the country. So I took a few hours today to jet out to the ocean to see the coast line and before my very eyes was a huge poster of our show!

YEAH NNF11, you do that!!!

Tomorrow, Donna and I tie up the last bit of business with the festival - making sure their red carpet is wrinkle free, etc. Tuesday we hang out with the Jury and hear about what they've got to say about what kids can't do, art, and critical thinking.

My palms are sweaty, are yours?