09 May 2011

Neutral Hero and El Rumor Del Incendio

Yesterday Jury group #4 saw 'Neutral Hero' by Richard Maxwell/New York City Players. It was an 'opera country' musical, so the actors sang songs and some played instruments. The piano and banjo were particularly nice. Afterwards the Jury got to go backstage where they met Richard Maxwell and the cast, asked questions and got autographs.

The Jury members from Ecole Aurore pose with the mini-bus

Meeting the cast!


Nathan getting Richard Maxwell's autograph

Hanging out on the stage

Later, Jury group #5 saw Lagartijas tiradas al sol's 'El Rumor Del Incendio'. I really liked the set- there were tons of different hanging light fixtures, plastic figurines, an electric train set, astroturf, a live fish in a fishbowl. The story was intense and sad, but also passionate and action-packed. The cast took some time after the show to hang with the Jury and answered questions with Spanish-Dutch translation help from Vier Winden teacher, Karlien.