24 August 2013

Delusion of the Fury

The jury stuck around the Jahrhunderthalle after www 2013 to catch the second of their Friday double-header: Delusion of the Fury. We enjoyed the hammocks, ate some dinner and wreaked some havoc on the grounds while we waited...

evaluations and some food

Justin's great shades

after dinner, we walked down to the VIP Autos with a new friend (or stalker?)

Here's the jury arriving at the red carpet!

the audience!!

LOVING the spotlight



waiting backstage before Delusion of the Ferry, the jury showed off their VIP passes to security

finally, security almost cracked a smile...

after the show, we met four of the performers 

Axel Porath, Christine Chapman and Carl Rosman

I think Alban Wesly and Axel Porath had fun?

we had another post-show hang-out on Arena / Agora

Gute Nacht!