21 September 2013

CRAY at the fault lines

On Thursday night we went to Pact Zollverein to see the fault lines, with Meg Stuart, Philipp Gehmacher and Vladimir Miller. This jury is a bit CRAY and we had quite a bit of fun running around the Zollverein before the show even started....

I think picture sets the tone.

they're back.... the cray twins

love this one

keep calm and love Nasim! (it's easy to do)

awww thanks Nasim

!!!!!! I don't even know what happened!!!

climbing the vogel, a must at PACT

Brian's got a good headlock

they ran around so much they passed out before the show began...

but there's an eye... don't worry, they're still alive


we liked this guy

these kids know how to be V-I-Ps!!!

V I P !

there was some rockin' shoelaces tonight

and finally........... we walked the red carpet to go to the show!

hallo Ahmet!

making our entrance

after the show, we met the three artists--Meg, Philipp and Vladamir--but before that, we ate some snacks and acted more cray in the studio room

the twins became quadruplets!

and they imitated the physical interactions they saw on stage...

why not add in some break dancing?

now that was a night of super hyper CRAY CCA fun!