22 September 2013

Das Mädchen, round two

It's the weekend! And on Friday we went back for a second round of Das Mädchen mit den Schwefelhölzern, starring Robert Wilson and Angela Winkler. Here we are, meeting at the Jahrhunderthalle, ready to make our VIP entrance (and before about 5 spins around the roundabout...)

we walked the red carpet, and of course we climbed up and around Mischa Kuball's Agora/Arena... all the kids seem to love it (I think we have about 100 photos on here!)

got it! we kept waiting for the spotlights to land on these two bottles

inside the 'arena', we waited for the show to begin...

and wondered what he was going to do... 

after the show, we ate snacks in our coats (brrr it was cold!)

and then met with Helmut Lachenmann, the composer of the piece and Stephan Buchberger, the dramaturg

it was a late night... hopefully the jury got some sleep because there's still lots more shows to go! see you tomorrow at Stifters Dinge...