30 September 2013

Saturday night @ Ikon of Light

Saturday night was a pretty epic night at Ikon of Light, a concert featuring works by John Tavener and Arvo Pärt, performed by ChorWerk Ruhr and Ensemble Resonanz. It was our first CCA trip to Dortmund but I don't think the long trip is the reason there was 502 photos on the camera by the end of the night... (a new CCA record?) Here's about 60 of them... welcome to the CRAZY.

some pretty nice autobahn light... starting off the theme of the night

car portraits with the Duisburg crew


really not sure what is happening here...

Jana Eiting, prize for Best Duckface?

some nice scenic photos along the way...

SPOTTED: the CCA mega van in front of us!

we pursued...

we caught up...

it's Lars!

and we passed!

there's still a handful of magnets left, impressive considering all the rain and autobahns we've driven on and through over the past six weeks... 

the venue, the Zeche Zollern... gorgeous!

the cars met up, shared some Haribo and posed for more photos

we may have had a little dance party

here we are, making our grand red carpet caravan entrance

rote teppich!

when kids get hold of the camera... 

love the pocket VIP pass

the jury didn't have an announcement tonight, but we walked in last and were greeted to spontaneous applause!

the pause... I don't think I need words to describe it

that's a free pretzel devouring his face

at the end... Firkan, a standing O and a few "BRAVO"s

more jury ovations

Nasim waved

Florian Helgath, the conductor, signed some autographs after the show

The jury spoke with him and four musicians from the night, Fabian Strotmann and Luisa Kruppa (singers with ChorWerk Ruhr) and David Schlage and Saerom Park (instrumentalists with Ensemble Resonanz). It was a pretty great chat... the kids asked everything from how long they've been playing/singing, to what animal they would be if they had the choice. They asked how it feels to get so much applause, and told them it was both boring and awesome. 

after our talk, it seems we went on a nature hunt (?) for snacks and evaluations

We found the spot, but 'a baby was sleeping' (for real) and we had to move rooms. On the way we belted out "Time of My Life"from Dirty Dancing and had a dance party outside the wedding reception next door...

children like to play with Ruhr matches...

finally, food and evalutions. at the same time. on the wall. 

and from Nasim, a kiss good night