23 August 2014

A ROMANTIC Evening with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

On Sunday, we closed the opening weekend by attending a performance of Verklärte Nacht, a dance-piece by choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. Set to beautiful music by Schönberg and a poem about a woman finding true love (while pregnant with another man's child!), there was romance in the air of the Jahrhunderthalle.

The girls from Osterfeld!

Pascal (from the 2012 CCA jury!) and Emma joined us from Doing Kitchen!

We've got our tickets, it's time to head in!

The show ended (after rounds of applause) and we headed into our meeting room at for some snacks before meeting Samantha Van Wissen, the lead female dancer in the show. First thoughts? The girls seemed to really like it; the boys not so much. Too romantic for them, perhaps...

Samantha came and talked to us about her career as a dancer, the poem the piece is based on, and where some of the movements came from (the artist Rodin). We really appreciated her coming up after a quick shower and what must be some tired legs!

annnnnd.... it's evaluation time!

Jury portraits!

Super romantisch Pascal. Tschüss!