15 August 2014

WELCOME TO THE RUHRTRIENNALE 2014: Starting with.... "Doing Kitchen"

We're back in the Ruhr for year three of the Children's Choice Awards! Look out for the cars on the autobahn, as we'll be ALLLL over the region the next 7 weeks chauffeuring the VIP's around.

For our first jury visit of 2014, we headed to Duisburg for the frietagsküche's "Doing Kitchen," a performance/meal where artists, performers and kids get to hang out and eat together ahead of the festival's official start. With a full meal included, we were feeling pretty optimistic that this performance would go over well from the start.

Here are 2 VIP's from Essen, posing with their VIP wheels to get the show started!

loookin' good (just keep it in park please!)

gold VIP badges (well, not for Jana :( )

Jury 1, with boys and girls from Essen, Osterfeld and Herten, met for the first time at the Landschaftspark in Duisburg. Ta daaaaa !

a cheer for JURY NUMMER EINS!!!

Here they are, walking the red carpet (Lena the superstar leading the way, on crutches!) 

oooh lala 

 First tastings: soup, in a wine glass

Already hard at work: taking notes

Testing out the headphones the Sparkasse gave the jury in their Ruhr taschen!

Being served by the freitagsküche team (by some jury members from the 2012 Children's Choice Awards!)

ohhhhh it was as good as it looked

the head chef checking in with the VIPs

the Pumpenhalle scene - lots of people out for the food

The menu, or what we ate

 some thoughts on the food

anddddddd..... DESSERT

 youtube bonding

anddd evaluation time, for the first time this year!

thanks 2012 jury for the help, it was soooo good to see you!!

oh autobahn, we missed you. IT'S GOOD TO BE BACK!