20 June 2016

Delicious and not nutritious - Trophy Workshop!

Yesturday we spent the day "carefully" covering and coating the most enormously well selected (thanks Zoe!) trophies in chocolate wax. Delicious and not nutritious! Darren hadn't covered a trophy in chocolate wax since Melbourne CCA in 2010. Lets just say it got MESSY and chaotic very quickly. 

We had such a brilliant time. The trophies looked incredible by the end. There are some serious gems out there. We even had to make a last minute dash to buy some extra EMERGENCY GLITTER. So we could smash it all over our faces and our trophies! Again we underestimated the power of glitter, how far it can travel, the mess it makes but most importantly THE WAY IT GETS THE PARTY STARTED - it's like the healthier version of red cordial. The Jury have it on their faces, on their chocolate covered hands ( and on their uniforms... whoops). We were getting silly in the best possible way.

A dance party started outside while the trophies were set to dry. Thank you to The Vale & Tony for letting us really, really mess up your kitchen (temporarily we hope)! And to all those who scraped every single scrap of chocolate wax off the ground (Andy, Tony, Selma, Zoe, Erica, and the Vale staff - we love you!)