04 November 2017

KE 2017 - The Story of Descending the Long Slopes of Valparaíso

So, the very last show of the CCA 2017 at the Kyoto Experiment Festival was The Story of Descending the Long Slopes of Valparaíso by Yudai Kamisato and Okazaki Art Theatre. We went again to the Kyoto Art Center and enjoyed the evening.

Riko noticed that her outfit looks like a Minion today. 

We had special seats today: on a bed!!

Not sure what's going on here...but those are our seats!

There was so much stuff in this room!

A disco ball! 😻

My view. Sorry for my smelly feet ✌

After mocking me all day, Yukako wanted to be nice to me and gave me a hand massage. 

Koki getting comfortable for the show.

After the show, we check out all the stuff.

No idea why there was a toilet but it wasn't very clean!

Talking to one of the actors.

Tasting a salty rock.

At the end we had a talk with this hilarious guy. He was so funny on stage!!