16 September 2013

Audio Graffiti (meeting of the CCAs!) and Partita No. 2 (talkativity?)

Sunday: another double header. We started first by bringing the jury to the final presentation for Hidden Mother's Audio Graffiti; after a food break, we headed to Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Boris Charmatz's performance of Partita No. 2

There was a lot of discussion about whether the CCA jury should attend Partita; last year, the jury was a bit... interruptive... at two of Anne Teresa's performances, and there was some debate about whether they should attend again--especially considering the long periods of silence in this particular performance. In the end, we decided to go; and in the end, the jury behaved WUNDERBAR, proving once again that their presence in the audience doesn't have to affect the show any more than if it's only adults. We are glad we went!

But first: we gotta put the magnets on the car. Rojhevi knows how to do it RIGHT.

stay stay staaaaay!

Here we are at Audio Graffiti, where we watched videos made by the kids involved, including a number of Bochum kids from LAST YEAR'S CCA jury!!

here is Eske from last year's CCA jury explaining to this year's how to make an audio graffiti!

PASCAL: "ready? andddddd.......... "


making an audio graffiti at the Jahrhunderthalle in Bochum!

afterwards, we had a food/drink party to celebrate the show with the past CCA kids!

then we got ready for Partita No. 2., meeting in our room before the show. here is "kevilino", hiding from the camera...

caught you!

after the show, the kids met the violionist (Amandine Beyer), one of only three people on stage during the show... they asked how it was to play the violin in the dark (it was weird, so she practiced by covering her eyes), we talked about counterpoint (in music, in the dance, and how it was portrayed), and how sometimes the dance stage is covered with COKE to help the dancers not slip! (note in case you're doing the same: Coke Light does NOT work!)

on the way out, the girls from Gladbeck discovered the fun they can have with colourful straws from the foyer....

and, like always, we had to run up and down the stairs of Agora/Arena!

We had a super night at the Jahrhunderthalle... thank you to the CCA kids of last year (it was SO good to see you again!), to Anne Teresa for letting us come see the show, and to Amandine for talking to us!