17 September 2013

Silence, Exile, Deceit (errrrrr the haunted house?)

The jury went to the Mischanlage on Monday to check out Douglas Gordon's "industrial pantomime," Silence, Exile, Deceit. We hoped we'd figure out what that means....

jury street style: check out the matching shoes and bag! oh, and that sweet smile.

"Hallo, Ich bin Lina!" (or wait.... ?)

impatient for the elevator that only holds a few people anyway, we decided to take the STAIRS up to the show.... RUNNING!

not surprisingly, it was pretty exhausting.... here I spotted a jury member taking a break on the fourth floor (don't worry, there's only one more!)

then (ironically) we came down a flight of stairs into the installation... with the loud booming sounds and eerie fog, right away we wondered what we were getting into!

here's the jury watching the videos, made in the space itself... this was just one of many things (fog, loud sounds, fire!) that creeped us out!

this maybe creeped us out the most... here's "Lina" and the installation's dead wolf!! 
at least she seems "peace"ful about it... ?

looking down into the dark pits

eerie light

"HALLO!! Greetings from fiery hell!"

we met and were interviewed by members of the Kulturrucksack while inside...

and we sat and stood and watched the videos; they jury wasn't in a rush to leave this show!

some of them were a bit freaked out that the girl in the red hood might sneak up behind us... where was she, after all? the haunting atmosphere made us wonder when we might bump into her. we didn't end up seeing her, but let's just say our visit to Silence, Exile, Deceit involved a lot of screaming, a game of hide and seek, and some other scares... (stay tuned for videos!)

outside, we met with Ruhrtriennale staff member Dorothea Neweling, who answered questions about the installation. And of course, we ate pretzels.

the jury played one more game: who can balance their water bottle on their head?

whoops there it goes!

evaluation time! we love those concentrated looks.