10 September 2013

Situation Rooms & Agora / Arena

On Sunday we took the jury in two groups to Rimini Protokoll's much anticipated "Multiplayer Video-Play," Situation Rooms. Since we couldn't take any photos inside... this is all we got. Here's some of the first group with their (much coveted) tickets.

After our "play," we waited for the other kids while exploring in and around the Jahrhunderthalle. We checked out (and added a little bit to) Dan Perjovschi's www 2013...

we found a crazy car

and ate a heart-shaped pretzel!

After the other group was done, we met with Mischa Kuball to see his Agora / Arena, an installation at the main entrance (and inside) the Jahrhunderthalle.

we went and sat at the top for a view back down while he explained the work

great shoes Mischa!

a crazy light moment

inside, we played with the spotlights

Thanks Mischa for meeting with us!
Next up: the WHOLEEEEE jury of 100 KIDS(!!!!) will meet to see Ryoji Ikeda's Test Pattern and have a picnic lunch. We totally expect (and hope!) that madness will ensue. Stay tuned....