09 September 2013

Laughing Hole

On Saturday night we had a double bill: La Ribot's performance, Laughing Hole, running for SIX hours at PACT Zollverein, and rAndom international's Instant Structure for Schacht XII, installed at one of the Zollverein's towers. It was a rainy miserable evening, but we didn't let that stop us from having fun... if it's gonna rain, let it pour!

Here we are doing the wet red-carpet walk...

we gathered ourselves inside

and then... went into Laughing Hole

what's happening?!

the dancers got the kids right in on the action...

it was intense!

in-sync video-ing

time to leave... ?

and then come back... to try the other side of the room

whoops, the signs are falling...

downstairs, we took a break, took some photos, and ate some of the food that came with our tickets

and then, in the rain, we headed for the tower... which had a big fountain splashing water down even harder than the sky. The kids put on the rain coats, took off their shoes.... and took the plunge!


we went back to Laughing Hole a little wetter and colder for the last half hour... how would it end? 

there was more of the same for awhile

then Wachida took some crazy photos appropriate to the crazy closing minutes

afterwards, we talked to a couple of the surely-exhausted dancers (thank you!) and the choreographer herself, La Ribot

the jury asked a lot of questions: Why were they laughing? Why were they not wearing pants? What was the inspiration? 

evaluation time!

What will it win? Stay tuned... I have a feeling that Laughing Hole will get an interesting award or two...